Retiring Monkeys Gets Under Vivisectors’ Skin

"Monkeys, research, retirement, and public interests: Fact and relevant considerations" an article from the extremest pro-vivisection group Speaking of Research, is a collection of facts, half-truths, and falsehoods. They start out with the tacit assertion that what is learned by experimenting on monkeys is applicable to other species and leads to advances in human healthcare.... Continue Reading →

Meat is Killing the Planet

Meat is killing the planet. Period. Full stop. The commercial production of meat is filled with misery, it is cruel, it causes illness, shortens our lives, poisons our water and air, is an engine of species' extinctions, and has a broad negative psychological influence on us. But hey, there's lots of money in it. Slash... Continue Reading →

Zoos Could Save the World

This essay was written with Dane County's Henry Vilas Zoo, located in Madison, WI in mind, but the recommended changes are applicable to zoos everywhere. Our treatment of animals is killing the planet. ... former Energy Secretary Steven Chu puts agriculture at the top of his list of climate challenges—particularly animal agriculture. The Nobel Prize... Continue Reading →

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